Red Little Dots in the Winter Sun


My winter poem:

Funny red dots in winter trees.

Like little red suns hanging in the crowns.

Makes me smile in winter dust.

Kaki tree in winter

My happy trees:

Love the colors, love the dots.

Red, love, marmelade!

Makes me smile like winter sun! ‪

Where did I find these red kaki trees?
In #‎Petritoli‬, in the middle of #Italy. To be more precise, in the region of Le Marche. This part of Italy is located between Tuscany and Abruzzo.

Kaki fruit

Perhaps, there is something true about it, that the persimmon might have been an inspiration for the christmas bubble. At least, it reminds me of it. 😉

But we also come very close when we think of Adam and Eve’s apple and its connection to the christmas story.  I am quite sure we’ll find much more symbolic interpretations like „fertility“ for example. Sure: Often fruits are connected with potency.

A very traditional and new, but old school christmas tree in Germany (National theater of Wiesbaden).

The best image for me:

It brings back the sun back to me during winter and also my beloved summer, with its beautiful colors.



We got these kaki fruits as a present from a farmer while being on a walk and making photographs of a kaki tree.

And we enjoyed the fresh and clean air from the sea, which makes it up to the hilly land of Le Marche. As a townswoman I’ll never have enough of the unpolluted and non-smoggy breeze.

Mhmmm yam-yam! Kaki marmelade – made my day!

I always put the whole fruit on a bred with a little bit of butter. This tastes so delicious! My favorite fruit beside fresh figs.


When I think back to the 10 best moments in December, kaki fruits have a big count in. They rank high on the list after the Italian winter sun, which is my number one.

Another funny looking and indeed beautiful tree is the orange tree:

This is a picture from April – taken in Grottamare Alta, close to the beach.

I wish you a beautiful week start!

Send you lots of love,