11 photos – my favorite pics

This blog article is my contribution to a German photo contest. If you’d also like to take part, you’ll find all the details at the bottom.

In the last six months I have been to several places in Italy, New York, Toronto and Berlin.

The hardest thing for me, was to reduce myself to six main pictures (more or less the basic rules of the contest).

Luckily, I can add some more categories on my own (I love it, when I find a creative leeway 😉 )

This blog is also about a short trip to Toronto and New York. You will find a handfull of beautiful insights.

1. „Tierisch“

(… is a German wordplay and means „animalistic and incredible“ at the same time.)


I found this one in Toronto.

I love this creative and very open city! It is full of artists, musicians and graffitis. I felt really at home at my friends house. She’s a writer and a blogger, too. Her friend and partner is a musician.

When you look around any corner in this town, you’ll find awesome wall paintings all over the place. In fact Toronto is very famous for it.

There is also a special graffiti program, which has been investing in transforming vandalistic graffitis into attractive murals for almost 20 years now. Of course, the street art there is also discussed controversally, but luckily it’s a well known tourist attraction.

2. „Gebäude“ (Building)


Two weeks ago I went to Berlin with my husband.

It feels like comming home, as it is one of my favorite cities of the world.
Do you know this feeling? It is a mix between déjà vu and feeling at home, even when you do not live there. The strong feeling to belong to a special place.

I also have this sense when I’m in New York and, very strangely, in Egypt, too (I am planning to go there – but not made any concret plans yet, because I am still dreaming about it. Dreaming of a place is almost as beautiful as beeing there  😉 ).

OK – back to the topic!  You might have spottet it, there is only the classical portico fassade left from the building in the image above.

This place is called „Anhalter Bahnhof“ and was a former famous train station near the „Potsdamer Platz“. It is also named „Gate to the South“ and was destroyed during the second world war.


3. „Nachts“ (The night is calling)


This is „Elcatrin“, a well known Mexican Restaurant in Toronto’s Historic Distillery District.

They won several awards and it took them over 100 days to create this huge and beautfiful mural (as they say).

It is now a National Historic Site of Canada, from the Victorian era. Built in 1832, completly out of brown brick, you can still feel the industrial and old touch of the architecture. They once distilled whiskey in these factories.

The Historic Distillery District is really worth a visit. You’ll find a lot of beautiful cafés there, very awesome gift shops, boutiques and art & craft manufactures.
At Bricks bakery you get the best cookies and cakes of the whole world (this time I am not exaggerating).

For a good café just make sure to dropp into Balzac’s place!

Curious how it looks like? I added two extra pictures for you:


The Balzac’s café has two floors with Slow Food and Fair Trade café. On the second floor, there is a small picture gallery with exhibitions of varying artists. The owners are artists themselves and work in a gallery next door.


This is the Distillery District with the Bricks bakery on the left. It’s very beautiful to sit outside – even in late October, when it is still very warm.


4. „Gewachsen“ (Sprouted)


A flower in my Mum’s frontyard.

She loves gardening and lives in Italy where you can grow something almost all the year round. They live directly in the middle of this beautiful country, close to the sea and the mountains.

I went in July to their place in Petritoli in Le Marche. You will ask me by now, (for sure) where Le Marche is located: It’s close to Umbria, not far from Rome and south-east of Florence on the Adriatic side. It’s also called the „Unknown Tuscany“. A real secret!

I love this area because it’s full of art, culture and beautiful medieval villages, superb food and very open  and friendly people … and of course flowers (which I love, too)


5. Berühmt (famous)


This is Madison Ave – next to the more famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

And you almost can’t overlook it. New York is very famous for its yellow Caps.

I especially love this corner between 51st and 52nd street with the contrast between old and new buildings.


6. Schönstes Foto (Best pic)


I am so glad that Paula and Chris showed me their amazing hometown Toronto.

Thanks to both of them:  I’ve got to see the best and most beautiful places in a very short time. This is Kensington Market, a multicultural and alternative neighboorhood. It’s  a symbol for the tolerant Toronto.

This is also the way I like to travel: I don’t like beeing stuck in a beautiful hotel ( I have to admit: I like stylish hotels) or worse on „all inclusive“ trips. I love to get in contact with people and to learn about the real life in the country I am in.

Because I love the number 11, here are five additional  pictures 😉

These photos are very typical for my style.


7. Light and sun


Yes, also New York feels like home, even when I never lived there.

It is now the 6th time I went there. Meanwhile I know the city quite well.
I’ve been there twice in my early childhood, so that might be the the reason for feeling at home. I can’t tell you why, without getting spiritual. But you can’t deny that this city is amazing!

This is Nolita (North of Little Italy) in Manhattan. I love the flair and the buildings of this area (You almost can’t picture it. I could have made this photo at any place of the word 😉 HaHa!! ).

Nolita is also a yuppie quarter. You’ll see a lot of beautiful, rich and well dressed people crossing the street. They are not just well dressed but they all seem to wear extraordinary and amazing designer wear. Of course, you’ll find suitable expensive boutiques and trendy restaurants all over the place.

My favourite café the „Housing Works Bookstore“ is a book store at the same time. All the income goes to Housing Works. They are also staffed almost entirely by volunteers and have a great selection of second hand books. I always have to remind myself in advance about the maximum number of books I can take with me. They have an amazing and creative collection of children books.


8. The good quote:


I love words, quotes and poems.

You can find this quote at the front door of one of my favorite restaurants  in Grottamare Alta, Le Marche, Italy, although I have many, there. It’s called Frangipane and it’s a slow food restaurant with some organic dishes on the menu.

This yellow-brown brick stone is very typical for Le Marche.

Discover more words and poems in my blog!


9. A play of light & shade


I shortly thought about picking this picture as „famous“.

It reminds me at Edward Hoppes Victorian Houses of the rural countryside in the mid 20s and 30s of our last century. For me, this ist how traditional american windows look like.

In fact, it’s the Jumel Mansion, built in 1765 as a summer villa. The former estate stretched over 130 acres from the Harlem to the Hudson Rivers. By now, you almost can’t imagine this anymore, because it is located in Manhattan and surrounded by many, many houses. In former times it was located amidst of a green countryside, far away from the center of New York.

The house also became famous around the time of the American Revolution, when George Washington chose it as his headquarter for five weeks in 1776. The house on the hill offered a great view over Manhattan and both, the Hudson and Harlem Rivers.

Today it is a tiny but very awsome museum. A real insider tip and a must see!


10. Street Art in New York


I also discovered this one in Nolita. It just crossed my way.

11. Even more – I love the number 11 ❤️️:
Mural art in Toronto


I didn’t follow a special tour or a guide book. I just went with the flow.

Toronto is full graffities, so you can hardly miss them.

And of course, you also have to be a little bit curious and love to discover backyards or going up and down again.

Here is a little sneak peak:

I will soon publish a little guide to New York.

With it, you won’t get lost for 5 days ;-). I stayed there for 12 days, but I will write it for my brother, who will just stay there for a couple of days – like most people. Just sign up for my blog, now and get updated! You can find the link to subscribe in the burger menu at the top.


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This post is dedicated to Paula and Chris


Thank you – you inspired me so much! And another big hug for your great hospitality.

You find Paulas inspirations here:
She has a beautiful blog about mindful living and encourages you to be yourself: www.theartofbeingmyself.com/
I love her posts! She encourages me always to see things differently or from a new perspective.

She is also on Insta @hartmann_paula

You should listen to Chris‘ music.
Great R&B, Soul:
@chrishuggettmusic on Insta or at Bandcamp.


Me in New York enjoying the sun at the Highline in late October ❤️

P.S. ALL pics were taken within the last six months!