A jump in the unknown

A #leap is a jump in the unknown. You #grow. *


Your old socks are too small for you.

They get big holes, where your toes peak out and look for freedom. *
Embrace the not knowing. To be NOT prepared. *
Just concentrate on your next step. Don’t plan big and huge jumps. Little by little you move forward. *
I right now embrace the emptiness of not knowing. The wonder of something new. The promise of the surprise, that there will be a great gift waiting for you behind that curtain. I don’t know it for sure. And at the same time I can feel it for sure! *
It is the sun ☀️ which allows you to shine and rise. Everyday anew!
#Brodowin #Berlin


When you #leap and move into the unknown, it is good to have a back up.


You move forward, jump over the cliff, right into the new. *

The deep water surrounds you with happy blue. The fresh wet. In between you are light and weightless. * *
Diving into the unknown feels like flying.
I for myself, love that. It feels exciting, adventurous.
Deep down you detect that there is also an other side. It seems so easy to reach it, to cross the water and get to the opposite shore. I am prepared to move on. *
But mermaids are whispering into my ears: „Oh my dear, why do you wanna leave us? It is so much fun here! Stay with us. The other side looks just the same“
But I am not that convinced. They just know the underwater world. Not the land above. They are creatures from the sea. The coastline is too far away (for me) to see anything. I have to go there, to know it. Try it out.
The grass is always greener there, for sure. Why not? *

The in between seems so much saver. Save to NOT decide. NOT saying YES or NO.


For this I need the back up I spoke right in the beginning, which is my note book: I need to bring pen to paper. Writing diary, free write to clear my head, bringing my thoughts into a new order, coming up with new ideas. *
When I do this, everything is so (much more) clear (and I am much more connected with my own inner wisdom – which everybody can access to on its own, when you train it. And listen to it. )
My second back up: Jotting down my plans, my ideas, the next steps. *
I also look at my bigger picture, my #goals and the small steps in between. *
With my #diary and goals, I feel so much more prepared.


Thank you so much my dear Leonie!

The poem „A #leap is a jump in the unknown“ is dedicated to you, because you liked it so much! This means a lot to me. Thank you for inspiring me!

You find Leonies beautiful articles and photos about mindful living on Insta and also on her blog.

The poem „When you #leap and move into the unknown“ is for Gerlind, Issa and Susanne, because you are so good to me! With lots of love to you three! Good to have you!

Issa startet a beautiful blog about the Magic of Le Marche in the middle of Italy. It is my favorit region in Italy and also my third home: https://lemarchemagic.com/

You find Susanne on Facebook with her inspiring posts. She writes beautiful poems, about mindful living and inspring mini meditations to pause and take a break.


The pictures are taken by me in Brodowin near Berlin. You find this amazing place here. Leonie and Susanne offer here retreats for women.


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