The Pilot of Light

In the everyday life, in the shadows between the stars, we all tend to hide ourself.
Then we recollect our bits and pieces after the meteor storm has passed.

Why do we hide the real self?


When you want to hear and feel my poem you can watch it here. Yeah! It got a music video!


You can follow my poem here, too:

Reach out for your own star. Follow the call. You know your true north.
The magnet who really attracts you.
Let yourself be pulled in a new direction.
When you reach this day, you will feel all your molecules at once.
Have trust to step out.

I want to see your light.


You drift and flow.
Float with the masses, till you enter the falling star which is not yours.
When you start your journey, concentrate on the stars close to you.
There is always some light. Have trust. The radiance guides you.
And keeps you on track.
When you think, you get lost by the emptiness and void of the cosmos, look out for the signposts.
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Always remember to concentrate on the stars, when you reach the expandable corners and edges of your world.
Feel your boundaries. You reach the outlines of your comforting comfortzone.

I am a pilot, who sees a path before it gets a beaten track.

With lots of love! I see you.

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This poem is a creative project with my love Magmar.
And also a live jam. I allowed myself to be pulled in a new direction. The music played by Magmar sounded like infinite space. So I came up with the idea to combine two of my last poems for this creative project. Magmar tweaked and adjusted it a little bit afterwards, but it is still mainly the instant live version.


The poem itself is deticated to Michel @michelle_x_written, because you inspire me so much with your amazing play of words and your bridges you built between our unsiverses and galaxies. It allows me to dive even more deep into my own. Big thank you for your loving support!

And also to Vinod @Thedevine_chaos, because you asked me to write about #authenticity. The result of this is a journey to myself. Thank you for your constant inspiration and pushing me into new realms.

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