Deciding for the new

This poem is about making a leap, about changing and releasing the inner demons. So feel free to enjoy!

„Love that what appears under your layers. Also don’t be afraid. It is just you, you will discover“

I just crossed the side. A minute ago I decided to change. Was it a minute ago? Time is not relevant. *


Brookfield Place, New York

I left the save in between.

The save place, where I don’t have to choose any place. Where I always stay flexibel, because I can decide anew for one or the other side. *


Of course this is faked, because I am not here nor there. But it is the feeling of it. The feeling of the possibility of reaching everything so fast. The feeling of many opportunities. But in reality: I don’t have any of them, because I don’t settle for any choice.


As I detected the new, I suddenly get to know, that I even have more possibilities. I will find many rivers and oceans to cross. Find a lot of different isles.




Deciding for one option doesn’t mean you have to stay here.

I am a discoverer. So I have to follow my calling.


Where are you? Help me finding you!

I am a bridge between the worlds. A pilot of light. Seeker of the unknown.

Always curious. Do you hear me whispering your name in your dreams? Ready to connect.



This is a pic from my favorite place in Italy. *


Releasing my Inner Demons

For now: I am actually and finally standing at the new shore. It is my own journey I have to take. All alone. Just behind me the deep and wide ocean. I won’t go back. Because I am not a time traveler, just the pilot of light. This is enough responsibility, to seek a path where there is none.



Me 😉

With the help of the gate keeper I dived through the water. It is the sea dragon which brought me so fast and steady to the new land. Easy. Light.


My feet are sinking deep into the marshland. My ankels are covered with rich soil. It is still shapable. Fresh and new. Mother earth is calling me home. (I see my own footprints when I walk. )


I love the sea, the salt water. Its deep calming blue. It fells like meditation when you float in the wet. It is my save place. I feel light and weightless. Absolutely in my element. *

With my mother at the beach, Porto San Giorgio, Le Marche

Sometimes I need the earth under my toes to reconnect. To feel my weight – my worth. To reconnect with reality. *

SubstandardFullSizeRender 5

The rolling hills of Le Marche with its hilltop villages – here the medieval Petritoli

I am a dreamer and a storyteller, who feels at home between the stars.

These stars have so many adventures to pass on.

There I can recollect what belongs to me. I am so many and nothing at all. I am.


I look back and see my own daemons waiting for me at the old land, I left behind. Ugly and scary beasts, perhaps six of them. I am not afraid. They are too far abroad. *

In this new light they fade away.

SubstandardFullSizeRender 3

Petritoli, Le Marche – in fading sunlight you see a vineyard

They have no use anymore. I don’t need them in the future. Neither do they need me. Finally, they are released.


Magic work its way through:

Tiny little stars glitter around them in wild circles, like fairy dust. Hundreds of them bring golden light to this scene.



I took the picture in Marrakesh. I thought that, the flowers matches so perfectly with the #magic in life 💕


The demons are about to vanish. Slowly they get transparent and disappear up into the air into a new realm. But this isn’t part of my story anymore. They don’t belong to me any longer. And I won’t hold on to them.


I wish them farewell to discover a new land.




If you are curious and missed the part with the mermaids and dragons, where I crossed the deep water, the save place of in between you may read my poem „Three backups“.


The poem is dedicated to three of my Insta friends Mel, Michelle and Rudd. On Insta I divided the poem in two halves.

So it is (like the original version) first of all for Mel @cosmikchik. Because you inspire me so much, with your words about rising and taking the way through the dark and our vision of love and light. *

We are both on our journey to it. Still on the journey, as a seeker light and truth. I am sure, that I will also post one poem about the dark women we met on our way. I am already excited. She is a powerful woman. *

My words (and second part „releasing my inner demons) are also for my dear two friends Michelle @michelle_x_written and Rudd @ruddhilton. Thank you for your light and support! Michelle, I have told you many times, you open up the door to my realms with the beauty of your words and poems.

My dear Rudd, I love your insights, which are like poem itself. And help me to dive even deeper into my cosmos and overthink some thoughts. Or write and find new stories.

Good to have you!