Let me be your light

She is the pilot of light who sees a path before it gets a beaten track.

Are you ready?

Then fasten seat belt!


She is the seeker of truth.

The beaming light, who finds its way in every dark corner.


Foto (14)

I took this picture in Florence. What just by now, came me into my mind is, that Florence had this many beautiful artists and still have! Florence is amazing! But Galileo Galilei who was born in Pisa and worked in Florence was sadly punished by the church for his own truth. He declared that the earth moves around the sun. 


The light who crosses borders and realms.

She shines her light trough.



You can ask her any question. But be sure you wanna have an answer.

When she is centered, she is connected with the long forgotten wisdom, used to be told at campfires at night.


She brings light into the dark.

Like a star in the universe, who needs to shine in order to live.



Look out for signposts, then you will find her.

Follow the shooting stars and make a wish.



These two pics were shot in Marrakesh

Her realm is a magic place.

Be ready to be surprised by her imagination.


Have trust in her. Then she can work her magic.


She creates realms and worlds.

Let her unfold like the pedals of a rose.

Then she will step into the flow with so many opportunities, possibilities and solutions.


Are you ready to connect?



She is the light in the shadows,

Who brings light into the dark.

This is her mission.

On her way she collects stories from far away planets and realms.


When you meet her, she will ask you who you are.

You will never hear this as a direct question.

But you will feel it, because she is interested in you.

She will see you with all her heart.


FullSizeRender 6

Are you ready to connect?

You think, that she is kind and soft. That it is why you like her. Her voice so gentle and warm. *

But never underestimate her, or think that her kindness is her weakness. It is her greatest strength. It is her gift to be open, vulnerable and warmhearted.


In return she will feel you with all her heart.


FullSizeRender 7

She is sensitive.

If you don’t push her away, she will see the good in you. She sees through all these layers, and finds your talents and gifts.


Because you are wonderful!



FullSizeRender 5

This poem is for all of you! You are my light and inspiration! Beautiful stars!  *


But even when I write it for all the pilot of lights, gate keepers and seeker of truths, it is especially dedicated to Susanne @su_feld, because you wanted me to publish it.

Check out her Insta with beautiful and different perspective of life. Or her facebook page full of light and inspiration.

Thank you my beautiful soul! Seeing the good in me. Bringing light into the dark. You, the lover of the cosmos. You are cosmos. With lots of love!


Good to have you!


I took the title picture on my trip to Marrakesh. I thought that this would fit perfectly to our multi facetted souls and talents. Like the radiant tiles, they are floating like little isles in our cosmos.

So look out for sign posts 😉 I will take you with me on my journey of light, if you want.