The Wild Woman

I am the wild woman unlashing the spark.
Coming from the dark.
Feeling home in the unknown.

When you want to hear and feel my poem you can watch it here. Yeah!

I jammed together with my love Magmar last Sunday. It is the time when my words get a melody.

I will steal your bottom,
because you don’t need it here.
You will start to fly,
balancing on a rope in the skies.

I see, you are confused. Sorry, about this!
I will create a new path for you.
Why? It is my realm you are in.
I am the creator of these realms.

These are the rules of my world,
you crossed the rainbowbridge.
You remember?

FullSizeRender 6

I don’t know it better.
I don’t want it better.

It is a place with no top, no bottom,
no left and no right.
I have other rules for you.

Using the stars and the light as my compass.
My true north.


Help me guiding you.
See me, I am the beam within the shadows.

The soft voice, calling you in your dreams.
Overheard so easily. Listen to your calling.

I am the wild, wild woman! Yeah!
Sensing you. Feeling you.
Recollecting what belongs to you.


Hate me, love me!
Take me as your mirror.

Do you see your reflection
at the night’s sky?
I create space.
Space for you.
Space for the unknown.
The unbeaten track.



You find my realm within the true north.
A world full of magic. Fairytales to play.

An unicorn accompanies me on my way.
No, no! It is not a about the sweetness.
No, never! It is not about being cute.

Watch out. Name your shit.
Name your weakness. I dare you!
It is your greatest strenght.

Step trough this curtain
of all these layers. Leave them behind.


Go through all your stinky boxes.
Open them, throw them away.
You know what? You don’t need them anymore!

Pity you! Beautiful you!
Dare to step out!

They are just made out of thoughts! Your thoughts.
And your believes. You don’t need them anymmore.
You are so beautiful!

It is nothing material.
Blow them away with pixie dust.

You think, I am dark. Perhaps, I am.
The night of your dreams. Yes, I am this and much more.

I am that, what you make out of me.
Holding space for you.
Have trust. Trust in the unknown.


Feel me. Touch me with your rays of radiance.
Your galactic nebula.

Let me know, that you are the one.
The one I am seeking out there.

Searching for the angels and the light.
Tell me you are the one.

I am made out of stardust.
Loving you so much.
I am searching you.


Tell me you are the one.

This poem is dedicated to my dear and beautiful ladies and friends Susanne and Paula. Because I know, that you love the wild woman as much as I do.
Thank you for accompanying and supporting me on my way. Being my cheerleader in hard times. Believing in me. Creating space. It is so good to have you! This means a lot to me. I love you!

You find Susanne and her wonderful mindful art and meditations here She also does rejuvinating woman retreats and recently created her first Online Course called „Connected“, which helps you to find back home to a place of selflove and inner peace. I am really honored and happy to be one of the first persons testing her course. I love and enjoy it!


Photo by Ralf Hiemisch

Paula is the creator of the Blog. She is an Artist, Writer and a Coach. And my favorite Alchimist. On her Insta Page you find inspirational quotes and beautiful post about the Art of staying true to your self. I almost never miss an article. So you definetly have to check out her @hartmann_paula