Human beeings

The human body
… is beautiful in many ways. Magical. Put a smile into my heart, a smile on my face, let me be your light, then I may shine for you.



I love to play with shades, the abstract moments, when the sun shines strongly in Venice or in the Western Desert, leaving footprints on the sand.



Hiding behind many layers of clothes, to cover us from the sun and the desert storm in Egypt.


IMG_3105Sometimes we feel that people write on our skin, when we don’t hide our souls. Or when I just play with my words. Should we hide our heart? Definetly not.


But I prefer it to edit my own story.

We wander through life with selfies, to remember magical moments, feeling more alive.



Becoming immortal in New York, Florence, Venice or just in my hometown in Germany.



One thing is for sure: I love to collect beautiful moments. Staying present. Enjoying life!

This article is dedicated to the beautiful Aish. I love it, when you capture my pictures with your words and poems, beaming me in new dimensions of beauty and delight. To be found here on Insta. You also may check out here new page @tranquilledpendulum. You never fail to inspire me my love!

You also inspired me, to do more with my pictures. So it happened that I will start a new series with my photos here on my blog. So this is the first part of it. The next one will be about my travel adventure in Egypt or my trip to Venice. Stay tuned. Then, I also started to be a newly member of the photo community Life Framer, since two month. It is so good to have you!