Moments – from My Life’s Journal

Do you remember the kiss you were losing yourself in?

The sun kissing your neck? Blue skies with no sorrows.

Colourful moments in Marrakesh, I remember in my heart.

The city of love without you,

my love. *


I wished you would be there once with me.

Stories of 1.001 nights, make me feel, I could be there for ever with you.

A happy end.

A dream of forever, I never dream, even when I know you are the one.

I know, that we are both connected.

No discussion, no words about this.

No doubts. You are my man.

I feel the exotic longing of far away realms,

which I know you will never see, feel them. Just because they are not made for you.


Dreams you never dream.

But dreams, that I wish for.


I let you go, catching sunbeams,

seeing the pedals reflecting the star light.

I carry you with me in the light, wherever I go – without you.

We meet at the night’s sky in the universe, where we both belong. *



It feels like we are all made out of stardust.

Precious moments of shimmering light, meeting your heart, touching your soul.

Beeing in the now.

Collecting moments not things, money, the tenth pair of shoes,

endless make-up tubes and cans and the 10 must-seen travel-spots.

It is for free,

watching and enjoying the beauty of life.

Seeing the pedals reflecting the starlight. Make art out of your life.

Be more playful!


Dare to be silly and goofy.

Have fun!

Write on your skin, like you did in teenage times.

Big round letters on your underarms. Putting a big smile into your face.

A temporary tatoo.

Care less, what others think of you!


Making yourself a queen for a second in the streets of Florence



The place changes.

Make sure, that take you your soul with you.
Let it arrive.


Strolling around at the endless canals in Venice,

feeling the see water softly touching your skin.





Drinking an aperitiv like the Italians do.

Being one with the city. With the art and the ocean.

Rejuvenating autumn time.

I know you crave for this.


Watching the grace of the sea gulls, admiring their freedom.

Don‘t be envious, gorgeous!

Go for your own freedom.

Try to get lost.


Dreams passing by.

From the future. Out of the past.

Letting the moments pass by.

Stay in the now.

Be conscious! *


Art is everywhere in Toronto on the streets,

On walls, on the ground. Open your eyes.

It is your world, you are creating within you and around you.


Finally, arrived at the end of the world,

you find yourself at a patrol station in Egypt‘s Western Desert.

The last stop before you arrive in heaven.


Just to end your journey in Marrakesh

with colourful moments,

learning the art of tea making,

enjoying the good taste of interiour design

and a city full of art.

Which touches your heart with its stories of far away realms,

a different culture, different habits, dreams of fairy tales

and seeing poverty and excess of wealth so close to each other.

Reminding me, that we should be grateful for having what we have.



This is my entry “moments” for the challenge called “An instant” for the @life_framer photo community.


Being so, so, so grateful for my beautiful poet community,

this post is dedicated to my dear Aish (@__aishvarya__), because you inspired me to do more with my pics! And actually “use” them. * Thank you for being such an inspiration! *

I always love your poems and what you see in my pictures. You are magical my dear!

And for Anshika (@avpoetry_), for all your love, and being a wonderful cheerleader and supporter! I love you! I love it, when you send me your poems! I so enjoyed and loved to create beautiful and creative stuff together with you within the last half year! (… And of course, with you Aish, too!)

It is also dedicated to Vinod (@TheDivinechaos). Thanks for your open ears for me. And your beautiful tips for my poems, letting me grow, helping me to go beyond my realms, and finding a home within my galaxy. You gave my poem series a new title by telling me, that they are like a „Life’s Journal“. Sometimes we inspire people just with some words. Thanks for this!

And also to Aesha (@healwithwords), thanks for all your support and love! For your beautiful and mesmerising word-prompts for #healwithwords, which make me write more and more. Cheerleading me, so that I create new stuff and keep on going and moving, so that I never get stuck. Because, normally I get overwhelmed easily.

And of course to my man – my love, who beats in my heart with his tunes.

#aninstant #lifeframer

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