Moments passing by

A new life’s journal about the journeys I took within the last half year.
So this is a special one with 13 topics, the ones I loved to click and dream about.
Travel with me to places like Venice, catching sun beams, art and culture or
to the rolling hills of Le Marche with its delicious food and mesmerising
countryside or to Germany’s rough North Sea.

1. Prospect (German: Aussicht)

I am a dreamer. I use the pretty sight as my TV-screen.

Rolling hills of Le Marche, beautiful moments passing by.

A poetess once said to me, „Like 4 seconds in 4 seasons.“
I kept her words in my heart.

She is called @moonlight_peonies and to be found on Insta with her beautiful poems.


2. Feel the contrast (German: Farbkontrast for colour contrast)

Like the balance of life!
I need flowers to stay in the moment.
This works best, when I am on my way to work,
amazed by the beauty, which surrounds me.

Or on my way to new travel-spots.
Collecting beautiful moments, like here in Venice.

3. Food (German: Essen)

… is one of my favorites.

I always have to laugh about myself,
when I say: „Stop! Don’t move. Don’t touch anything yet!“
…. When I am about to click another food picture.
It is all about the special moment,
when we want to capture these delicious moments for forever.

I also love to travel in time in Italy’s Le Marche.
Especially when it comes to these beautiful medieval villages.

The long tables. When eating, tuns into an event with these many delicious courses.
When it is all about enjoying life and good company.

4. Light (German: Licht)

… is one of my favorite words.

( I shot this picture in my Hometown in Germany)

I pic every year a new word for the year. So you may guess now, which one I have picked for this year.

(I took this picture in Venice)

So I am the light catcher, carrying the sun always with me. Within.

(This image flew to me at Germans North Sea in St. Peter Ording)

Finally, just to find myself again within the Canals of Venice.


5. Have a closer look (German: Nahansicht for close-up view)

Things and life seems different, when you take a closer look. Take another perspective.

You will detect something new.

I love to lose myself in the beauty of the details.
I think you may guess, by the details I gave you, in which city I have been staying?
Pigeons, me surrounded by water, some fountains by the wayside and beautiful, old buildings.
Yeah! You name it! This combination of puzzle pieces is called Venice.

6. Nature … is one of the things I need to stay happy and healthy
(German: Natur)

Do you feel the wide space?
The freedom!
Leaving foot prints within the sand.
Feeling alive! Hearing the waves and your heart-beat.
Rejuvenating. Soothing.
The fresh breeze of the wind on your skin.

Here at Germans North Sea. Again in St. Peter Ording


7. Townscape (German: Stadtansicht) for a beautiful escape.

Even when I say I love the solitude of nature, I need at the same time the liveliness of the cities.

The many possibilities.
Watching people. Thinking about their stories.

Strolling through the streets and alleys, sitting down to drink a coffee, observing the scene, places.
Discovering new corners.

Venice truly will cast a spell upon-you. It never leaves your heart once you entered it.


8. The two sides of Black and White (German: Schwarz-weiß for Black and White)

I like the lines within this pictures.
Black and white is like seeing the heart behind things.
Getting rid of the rainbows glimmer, just to see a different quality of life.

Looking behind the facade.
It fells like the molecules of things and beings. A captured moment.
Frozen. Plain. Dividing life in a yes and a no.

Again, Venice as we love it.

9. Animals. (German: Tiere)

Wild. Free. About to leave, whenever they want to.

We envy birds for their wings. Their freedom to leave in all directions they want. The wind flying around their nose.

Having the best oversight ever.

Beautiful moments in Venice.


10. Country side (German: Landschaft)

I love this special place in the mountains of Le Marche. I always dreamed of going there. And this summer I did it! Yeah!


11. Best picture (German: Schönstes Photo)

Venice, again.

Moments touching your heart.
Playful days.
Listen to the sound of your heart-beat.
What excites you?

What sets your soul on fire?

Go for it! This is your path and your dream.
Your tinder, which keeps the flame on fire.
With a crackle. A sizzle. A rustle and a fire-breeze.
Can you feel it? Dragged by the gravity of your wish.

This is my entry for the Photo and Blog Contest hosted by „Fopanet – Erkunde die Welt“.

Thanks my dear Michael for this beautiful inspiration and opportunity. I love your word-prompts and topics.
I added especially for you one extra extra section, because I know you love Graffitis. In fact I added two extra topics.
So let yourself surprise.

12. Grafitis – My favorites

Spottet in Venice. They always make my day and put a smile into my face.

13. My last and very special Extra – My Words combined with the pics

You find my art, poems and pictures on Insta @miriamo77, regularly.


Some other blogs created for this year for the Fopanet community:

Also check out the mesmerizing pics from Weltfarben, beautiful nature pics  by Naturfreundin, the wonderful photos of the desert clicked by Reisebloggerin, I immediately want to go there, too! And finally the adventurous and beautiful pictures of Inextenso through Afghanistan.

As always my blog comes with a dedication.

As this is a throwback, it comes with a dedication for what I am the most grateful for within the last year.

It is the connection to and with people, my friends and family, good soul talk, having good company and enjoying quality time with friends and family, and of course dancing.

It is my poetry community The Muser Square Family and all the beautiful poetesses and poets of Insta.

And also – of course! – the amazing Creative Badasses – my gang of beautiful girls.
Creating a workshop with Paula together in Germany.

The article is also dedicated to my close friends and my family, who followed me last year to Italy to celebrate my birthday.
My friend accompanying me on a Poetry Slam, being on stage in front of 500 people.
My friends who always call me in right time or send a letter, as if it is a thought transfer,
you reading my blog!

Traveling to Venice with my mother. Enjoying the moment together.
My brother and his wife inviting us to Christmas.
Sometimes it is all about the beautiful little, moments and gestures, spending time together,

Also spending time together with Susanne and Leonie, with the wonderful women and their amazing retreats in the north of Germany,
a one day summer soul retreat with yoga with Nadine Gerhardt and Constanze Witzel,
a spontaneous visit from a close friend from another country ( I had in fact two ;-)),
good soul-talk with friends, the poetry community and strangers,
visiting an old beautiful friend in Cologne, while attending an event and workshop,
being on an event for women in Bonn with other editors and journalists,
dancing the whole night as if there is no tomorrow,
writing poetry, watching beautiful moments passing by, dancing and staying in the now.

Being in the nature, especially in the mountains or at the sea.
Sitting in the garden with good friends and enjoying breakfast together,
dreaming about our next projects or things we can do together,
And of course it is for my man, creating beautiful music and enjoying time
together or when he wakes me up with a wonderful breakfast with porige and fruits.

It feels like coming home – to have you all!

And it is not about the projects I created – so I am a creator by heart and an artist.

It is – for me – more about the moments and connections.

Even when I so, so love to write poetry and published them in two paper books.
And I enjoy my day to day job …
But if I have to name one project, it is definitely my book I started last year.
I didn’t wrote much yet. But it is sometimes about the magic of a new beginning
And because is also about connections and three women, who meet each other.
About love, mystery and relationship.