Water, Sky and Ocean

This is a new travel blog entry and article for my favourite challenge FoPaNet hosted by Michael Mandtke. Follow me to deep waters, along the river Rhine until we stop at the rolling hills of Italy‘s Le Marche where the fading sun kisses the mountains.

Brilliant Contrast 

Mesmerised by Italy‘s sunsets, becomming my new TV screen. The rolling hills end at one side in the Adriatic Sea and at the other side like a green cushion shortly before the Appenin Mountains.



Follow me to the snowy Baltic Sea in Germany‘s north.
I love these refreshing thoughts in summer time with over 30 degrees.
The fresh wet.


We really jumped into the water with an outside temperature of two degrees. After acommplishing this, I tought I can do anything in the world.

I really can recommend the wonderful Yoga and Kundalini Retreats by Nadine, who is from Frankfurt and gives wonderful outdoor lessons in parcs.

“Make space for the new.” You can ask the foaming wave on top of the ocean which hushes over the different shades of blue. “Let go!” The roaring water is used to the depth and heights of this world. We all need more trust in the empty void of nothing. 


I wrote this poem for my new book “A Night Under the Shooting Star”:

Taste the salt of the ocean on your tongue, 

catch the snow flakes with your nose. 

Even more when you are outgrown 

out of your teenage times. 

Life happens now. 

Bliss is free from dimension. 



Then in spring, I went to a wonderful women retreat. A friend of mine, called Susanne, hosts them with the amazing Leonie. If you want to do something wonderful for your soul follow Susanne to the northeast of Germany.

This is a poem I wrote for this picture. Imaging to see a women standing at the shore:

She is a woman filled with the void full of stars. 

Her long hair collects the remaining sparks, flowing almost invisible in the air like a melody of unbeaten heart sounds.


For some she shines bright like the warmest object at the sky.


For others she is cold as the moon and darker as its hidden part. A contradiction indeed.


Splash of Colour


A splash of colour can be a beam of radiance in northern Germany in spring time waiting for the flowers to arrive.

Or a sunflower in Le Marche after a heavy rain in the warm summer.

The beauty lays in the view of the beholder.

Just open your eyes and you will find your bliss wherever you go.


Close-up or Have a Close Look


In July and August the wonderful gorge of the Monte Sibillini in Le Marche is filled with butterflies. It is called “Gola dell‘ Infernaccio“.
It was closed for over two years due to the recent earthquake. Some stones blocked the gorge which is accompagnied by a beautiful wild river.

It is one of the secret tips of Le Marche, even when it is one of the main tourist spots.
It is definetly always a beauty to go there.
Best is to go during the week. But never after a rainfall (what is typical for a gorge. Because then you have to be aware of rockfall).


Watching the butterflies feels like framing beautiful moments and freezing the charm of their wings. And not just sensing the wind of their tiny wings rushing in wiff of a second out of your sight.

At Night


At night time …

When everything gets silent.

When the shadow

Vanishes behind the darkest point.

Then it gets one with it.

Sometimes you need the absence of light. 

Withit you realise that the black colour is nothing 

More than ink,

Filled by your quill.



Maybe, you can see more clearly.



When the dark jumps

From the silver linen blade.

When the shadow is nothing more

Than a black colour,

Don‘t dare to make yourself smaller!


Maybe you are invisible anyway.



You can close your scars, through feeling it all.

Maybe they become less then a trap

For your failures and pain.

Let yourself turn in the sweet beautiful you.


The first picture of the night series is taken in my hometown in Germany, which lays next to the river Rhine.

The cloudy night pictures are taken in the countryside of Petritoli in Le Marche.

Here are its ancient gates. Called Le Tres Archi.



Most Beautiful Photo


When I have to choose one then it is my favourite spot at the river Rhine.


This is my husband’s favourite picture. Also from the same spot.


But … I am also in love with the sunsets of Le Marche.

Thanks a Million

I am so super duper happy and honoured that I won a wonderful dedication and special mention as best of the best last time!

„Der Beitrag von dreamtravelconnect.com ist quasi ein Gedicht für alle Sinne. Die ganz eigenen Bilder, ein stimmungsvolles Venedig, festgehalten in tollen Bildern und die wunderschönen Worte und Zitate sind für mich purer Genuss!“

Thanks a million for your wonderful words. You touched my heart with this. And encourages me to go on. It is always a pleasure and so much fun to take part in your challenges. This time you challenged me to do more close-ups and I also got to know that I hardly do any night pics, and that I enjoy taking photos when it is dark to play with the light.

Street Art

I went in April to Civitivanova in Le Marche. You find an open air museum directly at the sea front. The project is called “Vedo a colori” and to find at the harbor.


“The wind shakes my thoughts” by opiemme

Thoughts Woven into Poems


As a late birthday present I got a handlettering book gifted by a good friend of mine. Thanks a million! She inspires me always!





You can follow my poems regularly on Insta @miriamo77


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