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Inspired by the contrasting prompts by Michael’s yearly blog challenge, I take you with me on a light and playful journey:

To the antique Athens, where our civilisation got its democratic bases, where poets have been cherished, to colorful spots you never have seen before … and wouldn‘t expect in this ancient city, …

[Athens is full of art … in many ways!]

I take you to beautiful German forests and my favorite place in early morning at my home town in Germany’s Mainz,

to the rolling countryside of Italy‘s Le Marche, where mountains and sea are so close.

[For me Le Marche is the land of the sunsets.]

Let‘s go to the artful and stunning  Paris in spring,

[You just have to have your eyes everywhere to find the creative and colourful graffitis in Paris. For others it is the Arc de Triomphe … for me it is the whole flair of the city, the secret and hidden spots, sitting at the Seine …]

Come with me to the famous theater festival of Scotland’s Edinburgh in summer, when the whole city is upside down.

As I traveled a lot for my job through Germany as well, it felt like a dream came true. I hope this dream never stops. Don’t wake me up!


[This is me in Edinburgh. First of all: I always wanted to have wings. Second: I took an English and a festival class. We attended two exciting shows every day for one week throughout the fringe festival. Additionally we had to write several reviews for it. What I loved. Three dreams coming true.]

A new year starts and a new Fopanet challenge hosted by Michael Mantke begins. This is my journey, my life in pictures.

@Michael, thanks to your amazing and heartfelt comments to my last entry and nominating me for “my” favorite badge “the most impressive entry: particularly … unique” (In German “besonders”). You put a big, huge smile into my heart! Thanks for making me write again and again, letting me reflect my year full of journeys and little adventures! Love your prompts! 

For me the whole life is a journey … with ups and downs … because valleys and peaks are part of it.

So you ask me, what I like more: The city or the countryside?

This question is very difficult. Because I love both.  And I feel that you know the answer better than me … You named me more then once “a street photographer“. This feels so true.

So I let the pictures speak and begin with the cityscape:


I love the possibilities, the freedom of the city.

[I took this picture in Greek’s Athens.]

In contrast to this stands the landscape, nature …


We climbed on top of the muse hill (also known as the Philopappos Monument) overlooking the city as if it is a a big ocean of houses. A beautiful, silent escape of the loud Athens with its many moped’s echoing between the tall building walls.

You want my answer? 

Yes, I am a child of nature. I grew up in the countryside. But if YOU would MAKE ME CHOOSE, I vote for the city.


When I stay too long in town … I really need the nature and its silence.

I need nature at my weekends to rejuvenate with its beautiful walks through German woods.


[A forest in Kirkel, a small village close to the french border, in the state of German’s Saarland. I went there three times this year and I am in love with this place!]

Your next question: Plant or animal?

Again difficult. Especially as I have so many beautiful pictures of plants: … and because I love them!


[Italy’s Le Marche with its rolling hills.]



[I found this cat in Paris.]

And I declare it to my favorite animal.

Still, I have to admit that flowers are very tempting …


[You find me here at Italy’s beach in San Benedetto del Tronto.]

You ask me: Mountains or sea?

Will there ever be an easy answer?


I will present you both.


[Le Marche’s scenic sea]

Dramatic, romantic … like the Italians.

The calm beautiful blue of the ocean. I love the painting’s I can create with my camera.


This summer we did a beautiful hike to an impressive waterfall in the mountains close to Italy’s Ascoli Piceno. From here you drive 40 to 45 minutes to the sea.


As water is combined with stone … and surrounded by trees, I might CHOOSE this one. I eagerly want to CHOOSE BOTH. What about you?

Foreign or homelike?

I love everything which is foreign, exotic and different. I need the new, the flair of foreign cities to be inspired. It is one of the things which rejuvenates me. Don‘t get me wrong. One hasn‘t to travel far for this. I love Munich, Hannover, Cologne, Athens, Paris, … just to name a few to which I traveled this year.

I feel home wherever I go. Very easy and fast. But I seldom feel indigenous.
Even when I live for almost 20 years in Mainz, I don’t really feel native. I think one has to be born here, to claim this right. (This is very typical for some regions in Germany).


Foreign: I found some aliens in Athens. … You have to have a close look and look upon the sky!

I immediately felt home in Paris, when I went there in spring. Surrounded by art and artists and the warmth of the sun.

I think I connect through graffitis with every city:

[You have to fall in love with Paris!]

[It seems as if the same Parisian artist visited Athens … when you compare this with the picture above!]

Homelike (in German “heimisch”) … I feel home in my beautiful small flat in Mainz, to name one of the many places. I love these beautiful Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) figures, there are two of them on the left and the right at the front door, what feels like living in a fairytale when entering this house.

Sunrise or Sunset?

As I love to sleep long I prefer sunsets. But when I get up early once in a while I am blown away by its beauty.

[A sunrise in my hometown at the river Rhine with its glittering spark as reflecting the spirit in my heart.] 

I collected tons of sunsets in Italy’s Le Marche:

Black & White or colorful

Definitely colors! What would I do without them?!

Paris, artsy, mediterranean, … and so easy to reach from the middle of Germany. Coloring my life!

And it becomes very tempting to change my mind while walking through this small alley in Athens:

The best picture

[Paris in early morning time. A gift!]

Bonus street art:

[San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy’s Le Marche, directly at the sea front, close to the harbor.]

[Monterubbiano, one of the many beautiful hilltop cities in Italy’s Le Marche.]

[Again: Athens]

Me in Athens:

This post is dedicated to my mother who made my dream with wings possible and with whom I traveled a lot this year, to my brother who followed me on a journey to Athens and took the goofy picture with the umbrella from me, to the love of my life, who traveled with me twice to Italy, to my dear and close friends Ute and Dommi, who went with me to the land of sunsets, furthermore to Madleine and Toni (for me, it is something special to be connected to a real live poet), Jean and Steven (thanks for your amazing support always) and Rei with whom we spend a wonderful evening at Madleine’s terrace. It is so amazing to have you all in my life.

If you want to see other entries for this challenge: A beautiful tip is to follow Julie en Voyage. Amazing are the pictures by Suitcase and Wanderlust.

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