Light up: My Italy, Feeling Home, Art and some Magic Words

This year I have been to Italy three times and I am still here 😉

And now, it is time to recap, taking part at the German Photo Contest #FoPaNet.

Italy is my second Home.

My parents live there. No, I am not Italian. This is the question I always get asked. They have moved to the beautiful region Le Marche with its amazing rolling hills and beautiful medieval villages and towns, almost 15 years ago.

And because Germany is still my first home, you will also see some pics from there. So it is not all about Italy ;-), but mainly. So, lean back and enjoy! 😉


I love the unusual, offbeat and unique



The pics are from my favorite open air museum in Civitanove Marche, close to Ancona. When you enter the colourful area, it fells like opening a page of a beautiful children book for adults.

Since 2009,  Giuilo Vesprini has invited Italian artists to transform this harbor in a special place. He calls his amazing project „Vedo a colori“ – I see colors. The artist of this mural, using an old ware house for his painting ground, is called Francisco Bosoletti.

I think Francisco is an exeption. He was born in Argentina, but has done a lot of amazing art projects in Italy and all across Europe.

You find a link to his work at the bottom.


Light up yourself


My theme of this year is „feeling light“. I am missing the sun especially during the winter time. I often go to Italy to fill me up with it.

Also a dream came true to me this year. Our holiday house in my favorite medieval city Petritoli got finished after 5 years of work. This is the view from the roof terrace.

Another light spot:


… and  my favorite place near Berlin. It is a real oasis in the middle of the countryside amidst a lot of green, some hills and many lakes. It always feels like coming home.
A good friend of mine – Susanne – is offering rejuvinating women retreats there. She is doing this together with another friend, Leonie. I have known Susanne, since my time of study. She was my roomate for more then five years. Now we meet-up again at least twice a year in the northeast of Germany.

A place of light in Italy


… called Le Marche.

It is probably one of the best kept secrets of Italy.  I love the never ending sun and the rolling hills and the vineyard in the front.


I also have rediscovered my love for words and poems, this year.

This love had been beating for much longer in my heart. But it came back to me last autumn. It really lights up my heart.

I have created this one for a poetry challenge hosted on Instagram.



Old, aged, ancient


Here is another thing I fell in love with recently: Doorknobs. I think I could open up an own and seperat Insta Account just with it. I detected this one in Torre di Palme in one of the most beautiful villages of Italy, the so called „Borghi più belli d’Italia“. You will found 23 of them in Le Marche, alone. The title is given to medieval places with less or no trafic.




… at the Adriatic sea in Porto San Giorgio.

To me relaxing means to be at a beach off season, where there are no sunbeds and almost nobody around you.

You can really hear the beats of the waves, feeling the sand under your barefoots, and the silence of it all.
Endless beaches, 1.000 Kilometre long.


Far back


In summer time, the winter feels far back and very distant to me. I am a child of the sun. It is not uncommon that it snows  in Italy, even when it has a mediterian climate. But most of the time you may enjoy the sun and the blue skys. Snow never lasts for very long. Except between January and February, when you get regularly  snowed in  for about one week. But I really loved and enjoyed it, because our houses are very warm, we relaxed and did a little bit less excursions then usual. Which was totally fine.

Far back, that is what the medival town Petritoli feels like. As if time has stood still. I love this.

Do you know the feeling, when you have a favorite spot, like this one? You take a photo in every season and at any day or night time.


Schönstes Foto

Most beautiful photo

FullSizeRender 7

I also could have named the article „The things I love“. The beauty of the flowers keep me in the moment. Always. Sometimes, I take a mindful walk through my hometown Mainz, just by watching flowers. Enjoying the now.

But this close moment is taken in Fulda.


Here some more info about the German photo contest hosted by Michael from „Erkunde die Welt“:

Have a look at Fotoparade #FoPaNet.

Yeah! And you know what?!

Last time I got a special mention for the most beautiful post @ErkundedieWelt. For me, this feels even better, I am really honored! And happy about this!

The best: There are no strict rules, just inspiration! 😉

You may also add some own categories. So you can feel free to enjoy some more pics of mine.


Street Art and Graffiti

These graffitis are also from Guilios amazing project. I really love this place at the harbor, also because there is the sea close by.



SubstandardFullSizeRender 2

My style: I love to combine the beautiful murals with the surrounding landscape to create something new.

But the real credit goes to the artists!

I start at the top:

This one is a new one from Andrea Casciu just from 2017. He lives in Bologna.

Then there is:

… Alina Vergnano. I immediately fell in love with her art. This painting is already from 2014.  She is an Italian artist from Turin, living in Sweden’s Göteborg.

The last one:

… from 2016 is from Gig, he is from Puglia. He is focused on nature and says about himself: „I am inspired by dry stone walls, but also by pebble beaches of Puglia“. You have to check out his Insta or his website! I put all the links at the bottom.

I just checked again the Facebook site from Vedo a colori. Can’t wait to go there again. I think, that they almost have 10 new mulars, since spring, I haven’t seen yet.




I think, that we all lose in the adult lifes the sense of wonder and magic. It feels different, when you still try to keep it. To preserve it. You will find the magic for example in beautiful moments. Just try to find your own!


Sometimes I do things I really liked as a kid. Like painting my arm and hands with a pen.


Sometimes, I feel totally overwhelmed by the beautiful comments on Insta and don’t know what to say. That is one of the amazing things, which happens, when interacting and connecting with the loving, most creative and wonderful Insta community and friends from all over the world.

FullSizeRender 3

This one is a mural, in Mainz, that I like very much. You will find it in many corners there. This motive is called the „sad girl“. But she doesn’t look always so sad to me. Instead she looks like „dreamy“. Perhaps due to the vivid imagination of mine. The dreaminess is the reason why I love her.


Being the pilot of light, drifting and floating through the universe, is my true nature. Or just call me poetess 😉 full of vivid imaginations and worlds living inside of me.


Some more Flowers:

FullSizeRender 6

I love to collect flowers through pictures. Picked them in Fulda and in Mainz.

My Italy


I  go there at minimum twice a year.
This photo was also taken in the beautiful Torre di Palme. The village is situated above a beautiful hilltop, overlooking the sea.


This is the center of Ancona. We went there for an amazing photo exhibition about Steve Mc Curry. If you ever get the change to visit one, please go.

The one below is also taken in Ancona.



Above is an picture from Mogliano. We just drove by on our way to a very beautiful monastary. You randomly may pick any town in this area and will surely be amazed.


FullSizeRender 2

The most amazing thing about Italy are the sunsets. The perfect place for romantic lovers.

I collaborated with another poetess a couple of weeks ago. I always have to think of her and her poem. She wrote an allegorie about the raining colours of the sun: „As if the seasons change in four seconds“

The one picture above the sunset is from my favorite city Petritoli. It pictures the small and step alley which leads to our house.

We had a lot of friends here because of my brothers wedding and my birthday party. They all said, that it looked like, as if this place was taken from a movie.


A dedication:

The article is dedicated to my close friend Ute, who loves flowers even more then me (I suppose). She has a garden full of them. Being an art teacher, Ute shares her amazing creavity with teens, kids and also luckily with me.

This journey is also dedicted to the love of my live, Martin. He shares my passion for art, loves my photos (thank you for your support!) and patiently listens to my poems. So his first love is the art of music. I can write the very best, while listening to his beats.

You find his music here if you like analog synths, deep house and melodic techno as Magmar:

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On Soundcloud and Beatport


I really con recommened a journey to India from In Extenso with mesmerizing pictures. They also took part with a blog entry at the same contest.

You can’t get enough of Italy’s Le Marche?
You will find more photos at my Insta @UrlaubMarken

Special link tip and where to find the women retreats.
You find many daily inspirations from my good and lovely friend Susanne and also her work on Facebook

The art projects:

Vedo a Colori – You find the art project on Facebook
You also find the curator Giulio Vesprino on Insta @GiulioVesprino

Francisco Bosoletti:
@Bosoletti at Insta

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Andrea Cascui:

You find him on Artbakers and by his art there.

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Alina Vergnano:

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